Opening event logotip
Opening event logotip
Messer scene
Promo materials
Promo materials
Promo materials
Promo materials

Opening event

German company Messer bought Serbian company Tehnogas from Smederevo. Factory opening in October 2006 with a goal to be spectacular for 300 guests for the whole town. Appropriate PR activities were necessary.


activate the complete factory space – huge surface and 2 towers; involve the whole city into the event


engagement of local artistic groups; free concert for all citizens of town of Smederevo


Corporate: logo
PR: Press conference: 80 media houses, cocktail, gala invitations,
In factory’s circle – program: choir of female singing society from Smederevo, folk dance, helium balloons, tour around the factory, alpinists reveal logo on the towers
On the central town square – concert of famous singers Željko Samardžić, Galija, firework, free beer


All national televisions and daily newspapers published news as one of the major.