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Under sponsorship of Government of Serbia and Global Fund, Institute of Economy is looking for a campaign with a goal to raise awareness of young people about AIDS (it was pitch project)


  • produce the real intrest in AIDS among the young (15 – 25)


  • interactive campaign which calls each young boy/girl to become creative participant in the project; it was a competition for prizes, also.


Leaflets with condoms are sent to all High schools and Faculties in serbia. Those were invitations for the young to send their own slogans and/or drawings with the title ”The usage of condoms as protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwilling pregnancy”. Awarded works will be used in the campaign for the next year, and the authors receive prizes. Support of the campaign – celebrities.

  • Communication vehicle – ATL, BTL, PR
  • TV, radio, print
  • Leaflets, posters, promo
  • Exit – stand, promo actions
  • PR
  • Internet
Campaign duration: school year 2003-04


Over 900 works
Innumerable comments on site about rewarded works
Cooperation with NGO – December 1st – TV and radio; – AIDS victims day